2022 Fall Auditions

B4 you scroll, C5 reasons to join or host our group!

  1. We play all different kinds of music. This semester we will be working on our Christmas season, but we don’t always play traditional Christmas music you would hear on handbells.
  2. We LOVE to have fun and challenge ourselves. When you join this group we all try to work together to play great music.
  3. It is a great group of people who are always going to help their bellmates.
  4. Hosting us will bring joyful, great, holiday music into your facilities, personal events, or anywhere you may be hosting.
  5. We are a great, family friendly group for all ages to come see!
    B sure you C us in concert this season. It might B cold outside, but our music will warm your hearts. C you this season, on the table or in the audience!

Join us for auditions next Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. For more information please email us at bellsoflakenorman@gmail.com.

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